What Are Those Things In The Dentist’s Office?

What Are Those Things In The Dentist’s Office?

It’s no secret that a trip to the dentist’s office doesn’t rate very high on people’s list of favorite things to do, but the mystery surrounding their collection of instruments doesn’t help. To help patients like you gain a little more confidence during your dental visit and to help demystify some of the equipment used during your procedure, we put together this short guide. The ones we’ve included are those you should most commonly encounter, though there are others that are less common. Ask your dentist if you have any questions.

It May Be High Pitched, But It’s Gentle

The sound of a dental drill working is one that most people are familiar with from their dental visits, even if it wasn’t being used on them. This tool’s sound is loud enough that it can easily be heard throughout most facilities, even those that have separate exam rooms. The shrillness is known to set people on edge, but it’s the worst part of it. The application of local anesthetic renders the drill to a merely noisy annoyance.

The Dentists Needle: Just a Pinch

Before the dentist using a drill on your teeth or doing any other procedure that may be uncomfortable, you’re sure to encounter the dentist’s needle. While some fear its small pinch, it’s essential in making all the procedures to follow comfortable and painless. The length of these needle intimidates some, but its only purpose is to ensure that the dentist can easily reach all the areas of your mouth that may need anesthetic with ease.

A Tool For Reflecting

Another tool to be found in the dentist’s repertoire is the dental mirror. By far the most innocuous of all their instruments, the dental mirror is simply a reflective disk attached to a long handle so your dentist can easily see all the areas of your mouth with ease. Some dental mirrors are equipped with lights; others are not.

The Various Uses Of Trays

Trays are devices that are roughly the shape of your teeth and are used to perform several functions. They are the easiest way to provide a fluoride treatment to help strengthen your teeth, to apply a whitening agent to your teeth to improve their appearance, and to take a mold of your teeth to aid in the creation of dental prosthetics. They’re generally comfortable to wear for the brief period they have to be in, though the taste of some of the substances used in them can be unpleasant.

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