As per CDA (California Dental Association), upon arrival at the office, every patient is required to fill the COVID-19 questionnaire. If the patient or the accompanying adult has been tested for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, they must show a negative result for the patient to be seen.

Orthodontist – Braces, Aligners & Invisalign

Orthodontist play a crucial role in ensuring the structure and alignment of our Teeth. The misalignment in the structure of our teeth can lead to sagging of our cheeks, overbite or underbite that may pose challenges in chewing while eating, and many other social challenges such as lack of confidence, reduced social interaction and stress.

Did you know…

Our Orthodontist can help you resolve most of the challenges associated with alignment of your teeth. Other than Clear Aligners or Invisalign, Braces are another option to consider. Depending on the complications of the case, Our Orthodontist will recommend a treatment plan that lasts 18-36 months. They will monitor the movement of the teeth and implement strategies that can ensure that the outcomes are in line with a treatment plan