pediatric dentist examining baby teeth

Decay Prevention for Children

A child’s oral health must be protected from birth through adolescence and into adulthood. Unfortunately, many children develop tooth decay early in life – a condition that can progress into serious oral health problems. Keeping a child’s teeth strong and healthy requires preventative measures. At our pediatric dental practice, prevention is the foundation of all […]

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Smiling young patient sitting in dentists chair in dental clinic

General Anesthesia

Preparing for Intravenous anesthesia sedation is much like preparing for general anesthesia. There are some general prerequisites and instructions that patients must follow prior to IV sedation to ensure the safety of the procedure. It is important that all patients undergoing IV sedation thoroughly read and understand the directions we provide prior to the procedure […]

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Pediatric dentist examining young patient with her mother in dental clinic

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

When dental emergencies happen, waiting several days for an appointment with a dentist is not an option. Emergency dentists are committed to helping patients manage sudden injuries and complications that require immediate treatment. Some emergencies are extremely painful, and a visit to the dentist can provide palliative relief. On the other hand, some emergencies can […]

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What are amalgam fillings?

Hands down the most well known filling material, amalgam fillings are also known as silver fillings. These fillings, however, are far from being just silver. In fact, they’re actually made of a mixture of mercury, tin, silver, and copper. It’s estimated that about half of the mixture is mercury, as this helps to create a […]

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