Are Dental X-Rays Safe For Your Children?

Are Dental X-Rays Safe For Your Children?

When you head in for your visit to the dentist, especially if it’s your first visit, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be getting a set of x-rays done. While some patients express concern about x-rays out of fear of the radiation involved, you receive more radiation from your time spent in the sun than you do from receiving medical x-rays. If you’ve been told you should be receiving dental x-rays and want to learn more about what’s involved, read on.

When Should I Get Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are always taken during your first visit to the dentist to allow them to get a clear image of the state of your oral health. After inspecting your films they’ll be able to see any possible cavities, pockets of infection, and other abnormalities that may be present. In children, x-rays will be taken more often as their mouth is developing faster, and the earlier that your dentist can catch any forming concerns it’ll be easier for them to correct.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Not only are dental x-rays safe, but recent technologies have also ensured that they are safer than they ever were before. The advent of digital x-rays means that even less radiation is being used than ever before, and the amount being used was already very small. Just to ensure that the x-rays are as safe as possible patients are fitting with a lead vest and thyroid collar to ensure that sensitive tissues are not exposed to more radiation than necessary. With this new technology, even regular and frequent x-rays present almost no risk of any kind of complications from radiation exposure.

Are There Times When I Shouldn’t Get X-Rays?

The only time when receiving x-rays is a concern is when a woman is pregnant. During her gestation x-rays should be avoided if at all possible, even though the risk presented is minimal even through this developmental period. In some cases, dental x-rays are still going to be necessary, and the woman will be provided with additional protection to ensure that her baby doesn’t get exposed to any radiation. Following the birth of the child, even if the mother is breastfeeding, it’s perfectly safe for the mother to receive x-rays.

Young patients are often in need of frequent x-rays due to the rapidly developing nature of their dental health. With every passing year their jaw, teeth, and gums will be undergoing rapid change along with the rest of their body, and a steady regime of dental x-rays will ensure that your dentist is able to address growing concerns before they become a permanent issue. Dr. Pallavi Kavety at Pasadena’s Children’s Dentistry has been helping patients and their families stay on the road to exceptional dental health for years and would be happy to help your family from the Pasadena, CA area with exceptional dental care. If you have more questions about dental x-rays or other facets of your oral health regime, give their office a call and schedule an appointment today!