How To Prepare For Your New Braces

How To Prepare For Your New Braces

Anyone who is considering getting braces knows the mixed bag of emotions that comes with the decision. There’s the excitement of knowing that in a few months you’ll have a magnificent smile with all of your embarrassing imperfections corrected, combined with the dread of the things people may say about your new bling or even just worrying about having to give up some of your favorite things while you have your braces on. One thing new braces patients shouldn’t have to worry about is how to prepare for getting this kind of orthodontic equipment, and that’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to prepping for braces.

How To Have A Great Experience With Your Braces
While braces can do amazing things for people who need to have orthodontic work done, none of it will matter if you don’t start taking great care of your teeth. Your teeth, gums, and jaw are going to go through quite a workout as you work through your regime and prepping them for the journey is essential to having a successful experience. Your first step along the road is going to be heading off to see your dentist.

• The Preparatory Visit – During this visit, your dentist will take the time to assess your oral health and indicate any problem areas that have to be solved before you get braces. Your mouth will be examined to determine if it’s capable of withstanding the process and to ensure that your current dental hygiene regimen is going to keep your teeth healthy throughout the process. If there are any deficiencies indicated, your dentist will tell you what steps to take to correct them.
• Studying Your Teeth – Through this stage, you’ll get castings done of your teeth that will be used by the dentist to determine what steps will be needed during your time with braces to get that perfect smile. While most castings have been done with plaster in the past, modern casting options include ‘digital impressions’, using laser light to get perfect models of your teeth made.
• Getting ready For Braces – During this stage your dentist will begin preparing your teeth for braces with the application of separators between your molars that will bear molar bands in the future, as well as setting the mounting points for your braces on your teeth.
• Fitting Your Braces – This is actually a two-step process involving the cementing of bands and brackets to your teeth and the final application of your braces.
• Your Road To Perfect Teeth – This is the longest lasting and, many would say, the most arduous portion of your journey. Regular dental visits will occur involving the adjustment of the wires, addition, and removal of elastics, springs, and other tools to help maneuver your teeth to their final destination.

These steps represent an outline of your path to beautiful, straight teeth. If you’re thinking about getting braces and you live in the Pasadena, CA area, stop in at Pasadena Children’s Dentistry to see Dr. Pallavi Kavety. They’ve been serving families in the area with great orthodontic and full dental care services for years and will be happy to bring your family into theirs.

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